Channel 6 News

Channel 6 News will be coming in the morning (Tues 4/15) followed by NBC next Monday, to feature many of the exciting things that are in the works here (catch it live on TV). First,we wanted to highlight the film “27 Degrees Celsius Loaf Rocks,” which will be showing at  the Pacific Arts Movement Spring Film Festival, of which we’re a sponsor.  The film is a biopic of Wu Pao-chun, the Taiwanese master baker who became the 2010 World Champion at the Coupe du Monde (baking competition), and emblematic of the rise of a “new wave” of Asian Baked Goods that is taking the world by storm, and which Pangea is a proud part of.

 Second, beginning this Wednesday, we’re excited to unveil a few new Taiwanese baked goods such as our new Rose Petal Cream Cheese Bun and Red Bean Bun. This will be in addition to our existing extensive selection of baked goods, which are all made on premises daily.  Third, and also this Wednesday, we’ll unveil a new plated dessert menu, starring doughs we already make, but given a new twist.  We think it’ll be a great addition to all of the great food we already here already on Convoy.  We’re especially excited to highlight that Chef Jerome Chang, co-founder of DessertTruck in NYC, consulted on the new dessert menu.

On the menu will be Pangea’s version of Chang’s “Throwdown” – winning chocolate bread pudding with bacon creme anglaise.  The only difference being that the bread used is our popular sweet bread.  Other items include a Pangea “1000-layer” donut dessert, which is our version of a cronut; our own bomboloni with an East Asian accent; and a selection of macaron sundaes.  For details on the menu and its components, please see the attached menu.  I’ve also attached a bio for myself and one for chef Chang.